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Phu Quoc Island: Βρέθηκαν 423 ξενοδοχεία

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Οδηγός ξενοδοχείων σε Phu Quoc Island

Located in the Gulf of Thailand in southwestern Vietnam, Phú Quốc is the largest Vietnamese island with an area equivalent to the size of Singapore. Here, you can lie on the beach and enjoy the sea breeze, or go snorkeling and swimming. There are amusement parks, zoos, and other facilities on the island. Phú Quốc is also famous for its pearls and fish sauce.

From November to April, the city is sunny with clear blue sky. It is the most beautiful season in Vietnam and the most suitable time for visiting. You can either lie on the beach leisurely or go fishing with the local fishermen. If you’re lucky you might even catch a cuttlefish. November to April is the dry season in Vietnam with hot and dry weather. During the daytime when the sun is strong, sun protection measures are a must.

There are a lot of hotels in Phú Quốc. If you’re into water activities, enjoy the sea breeze, or want to take a stroll on the beach, you can choose a seaside hotel. Phú Quốc also has seaside resort hotels, homestays, chain hotels, etc.

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