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Hotels in Khon Kaen

Weather and Best time to travel to Khon kaen

Khon Kaen city is located about 450 kilometres northeast of Bangkok in central northeast Thailand called Isaan. Khon Kaen city is one of the major cities in Isaan and also the capital of the Khon Kaen region and Mueang Khon Kaen District. It is situated on the Khorat Plateau and has a population of more than 100,000 residents. The climate in the Khon Kaen is referred to as the tropical savanna climate, with light to heavy rainfall most of the year and dry winters. The winters in the Khon Kaen city are usually dry and sometimes extremely warm. This warm climate continues till April which is the hottest month of the year. May to October bring some relief from the warm climate as monsoon season keep the temperature a little cool. In such climate the best time to travel to Khon Kaen is definitely from December to January when the winters are dry, the temperature's not as high as mid-April or May and there are no to low chances of precipitation. Tourism is at a peak at the beginning of the year, as most of the tourists who come to enjoy the dry winters in this tropical city visit in January and February. 

The airport in Khon Kaen

The Khon Kaen Airport is located only 8 kilometres away from the Khon Kaen city centre in the Bat Pet sub-district of Muaeng district. This airport was started in 1963 and given a customs airport status in the year 1991. The airport provides public relations services via the public relations counter on the first and the second floor of the airport building. One can also use the facilities like tourist police counter, first aid room, post office, currency exchange counter, ATM, shops, lounge, restaurants, spa and Thai massage shop, and car rental counters. To get to the city centre from the airport one can either hire a taxi or use public transportation. There is an official airport bus that operates between 07:30 AM to 10:30 PM, this is one of the best ways of getting to Khon Kaen from Khon Kaen airport. One can get a transit card at the airport to use this service that costs about  15 Baht for a single trip.  

Transportation in Khon Kaen

People in Khon Kaen mainly rely on songthaew or passenger pickup trucks to make their daily commute as it is readily available and cost lesser than other modes of public transportation. These songthaews serve at least 10 routes in Khon Kaen which makes getting around in the city quite easy. If you want to ride in a tuk-tuk you can hire one anywhere as they are very commonly found in the city.  However, these tuk-tuk drivers charge more than songthaew. One can also hire a taxi or a private car, taxis charge somewhere around 55-60 Baht for a trip to the city and private car hire for a day's trip can reach up to 3000 Baht. Another way of getting around in the city is to hire bikes, many operators run bike hire business in the city. If you are single or with a partner then hiring a bike to travel within the city is very convenient.    

How to get to Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen is located in the central northeast part of Thailand and the most common gateway to the city is Bangkok. Thus, many tourist travel initially to Bangkok to get to Khon Kaen. One has many options to choose, they can either take the road on route two or travel by various trains throughout the day.  The most convenient and fastest way is by air travel that takes only about an hour for nonstop flights from Bangkok to reach Khon Kaen. Various nonstop connecting and direct domestic flights from Don Mueang International Airport or Suvarnabhumi Airport to Khon Kaen are available at different times during the day. Operators like Thai AirAsia, Thai Lion Air, Nok Air, Thai Smile operate daily nonstop flights that charge around 4000 Bahts for an economy class seat. The first flight is available from morning 05:50 AM with the last flight departing at 19:45, both operated by Thai AirAsia.

How much are hotels in Khon Kaen?

One can find multiple Khon Kaen depending on the budget and hotel class. 

  • 5-star hotel:  Luxury hotels in Khon Kaen costs about 2000 Bahts. 
  • 4-star hotel: There are several 4-star hotels in Khon Kaen starting from 1000 Baht per night.
  • 3-star hotel:  Budget stay hotels prices range between 450 to 1000 Baht. 
  • 2-star hotel: Per night room charges for cheap hotels in Khon Kaen are between 200 to 600 Baht.

Khon  Kaen Tourist Information

Top tourist attractions in Khon Kaen

There are many tourist sites and things to do in Khon Kaen including parks, temples, and historic locations. Here are  the top tourist attractions in Khon Kaen 

  • Wat Thung Sethi: This rectangular planned temple was built in the Sukhothai period and it is famously called the temple millionaire's field as is it surrounded by the rice fields.  The temple had recently gone through the restoration with golden and blue accents on the doom.    
  • Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon: This glorifying 9 story royal temple is a holy Buddhist site where relics of Lord Buddha and Buddhist scriptures are located.  The main attraction of this site is the relics and the paintings on the walls, doors, and windows of the stupa.
  • Wat Pa Thamma Utthayan: This large garden in Khon Kaen is located 10 kilometres north of the city and it is famous for the 23-meter tall statue of walking Buddha. The garden is loved by the children and it's one of the most visited Khon kaen attractions.

Top food places in Khon Kaen

There are several famous restaurants and eateries in Khon Kaen, here are some of those top food places that are always bustling with people who like to explore traditional and local cuisine. 

  • Klang Mueang Road:  On this road, you'll find plenty of traditional Thai, Isaan, and Vietnamese food stall. And many small hotels offer locals dishes like Kai Kata, Kuay Chab Yuan, Gun Chee Ang for breakfast buffets. 
  • Kaen  Nakhon Lake: If you want to try some special Isaan food then head out to Kaen Nakhon Lake site where many shops by the lake serve tradition Isaan food like pla plao.  You'll also find restaurants and cafes that serve Chinese, Japanese, Thai, seafood, continental, and fast food.   
  • Ton Tann Market: This place in Khon Kaen is a decent hangout spot for families and friends. With plenty of street food stalls and shops selling a wide range of local dishes and special menus. 

Khon Kaen has the best temples and scenery in central Thailand, explore this warm place with Thai food and culture. Book Khon Kaen hotels from and avail some readily available Khon kaen hotel deals on site. 

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