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Οικονομικές πτήσεις προς Surabaya


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Οικονομικές πτήσεις προς Surabaya

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Συχνές ερωτήσεις για πτήσεις σε Surabaya

  • Ποιες είναι μερικές ταξιδιωτικές οδηγίες για Σουραμπάγια κατά τη διάρκεια της πανδημίας COVID19;

    Οι περιορισμοί εισόδου και οι αλλαγές στο πρόγραμμα πτήσεων και οι ακυρώσεις ενημερώνονται συχνά και ενδέχεται να αλλάξουν. Εάν σκοπεύετε να ταξιδέψετε προς Σουραμπάγια, λάβετε τις πιο ενημερωμένες πληροφορίες από την αεροπορική εταιρεία με την οποία σκοπεύετε να κλείσετε τα ταξίδια σας. Μπορείτε επίσης να ανατρέξετε στους περιορισμούς εισόδου χώρας/περιοχής COVID19 για περισσότερες πληροφορίες.
  • Ποιες αεροπορικές εταιρείες προσφέρουν δωρεάν αλλαγές ημερομηνίας για πτήσεις προς αυτήν την πόλη κατά τη διάρκεια της πανδημίας COVID19;

    Δεν υπάρχουν αεροπορικές εταιρείες με πτήσεις προς αυτήν την πόλη που παρέχουν αυτήν την υπηρεσία. Χρησιμοποιήστε αυτές τις πληροφορίες μόνο ως αναφορά και επιβεβαιώστε με την αεροπορική εταιρεία πριν από την κράτηση.
  • Ποια είναι η μέση τιμή εισιτηρίου πτήσης από Ελλάδα προς Σουραμπάγια;

    Η μέση τιμή εισιτηρίου Σουραμπάγια είναι 28 €. Χρησιμοποιήστε αυτήν την τιμή μόνο ως αναφορά.
  • Πώς μπορώ να κλείσω φθηνότερα εισιτήρια;

    Μπορείτε να κλείσετε φθηνότερες πτήσεις με τους ακόλουθους τρόπους:
    • Αναζήτηση εισιτηρίων για μια πόλη ή αεροδρόμιο κοντά Σουραμπάγια.
    • Αναζητήστε διαφορετικές αεροπορικές εταιρείες με πτήσεις προς Σουραμπάγια.
    • Αναζητήστε διαφορετικές ημερομηνίες αναχώρησης από τον ίδιο μήνα.
    • Φιλτράρετε για διαφορετικές ώρες αναχώρησης από την ίδια ημέρα.
    • Ελέγξτε για πληροφορίες έκπτωσης σε διάφορους ιστότοπους κοινωνικών μέσων.
    • Εξερευνήστε προσφορές και εκπτώσεις σε ιστότοπους αεροπορικών εταιρειών.
  • Ποιος είναι ο πιο δημοφιλής μήνας για να επισκεφτείτε Σουραμπάγια;

    Η κατανόηση των περιόδων ταξιδιού εντός κι εκτός αιχμής προς Σουραμπάγια μπορεί να σας βοηθήσει να κανονίσετε τα ταξιδιωτικά σας σχέδια ανάλογα. Ο πιο δημοφιλής μήνας για να επισκεφτείτε Σουραμπάγια είναι Αύγουστος. Η μέση τιμή των εισιτηρίων πτήσης προς Σουραμπάγια τον Αύγουστος είναι 28 €.
  • Πότε είναι τα φθηνότερα αεροπορικά εισιτήρια προς Σουραμπάγια;

    Τα εισιτήρια πτήσεων προς Σουραμπάγια είναι τα φθηνότερα τον Αύγουστος σε σύγκριση με άλλους μήνες, η μέση τιμή είναι 28 €.
  • What are some popular attractions in Surabaya?

    Surabaya has many attractions to offer: Surabaya Zoo Aquarium (3km from downtown) Bungkul Park (3km from downtown) Masjid Al Akbar Surabaya (3km from downtown) are the most popular attractions closest to downtown.
Flights to Surabaya (SUB)

Surabaya is an Indonesian city which is located on Java Island. This port city is the capital of the Indonesian province of East Java. The city and overall metropolis make up the second-largest metropolitan area in the country after Jakarta. Surabaya is known to be a lively and sprawling metropolis which is somewhat a fusion of modern architecture and colonial Indonesian architecture. The overall metropolitan area of Surabaya is about 6000 square kilometers and the estimated population is close to 13 million people as per the census of 2015. The city of Surabaya is somewhat an educational hub of the country of Indonesia. The city is a house to some of the major universities and prominent institutions of the country, both technical and religious. Located on the Madura Strait in Java, this city is one of the oldest port cities in Southeast Asia. The topography of the region is similar to that of coastal lowlands, and the climate is tropically dry and wet. Known to be one of the cleanest and the greenest cities of the country, Surabaya features multiple urban parks in almost all localities and a generally sprawling cover of greenery can be seen throughout the metropolis. Because of this, the city of Surabaya has also won many awards in the field of environment and city planning. Most residents of Surabaya speak a localized variant of East Javanese language, known as Suroboyoan. This dialect is a mixture of Indonesian and Javanese.

Tip: Although English is spoken in Indonesia, a very small section of the population is actually very fluent. So it is advised to learn some basic phrases in the local language which can ease out day to day conversations on the streets.

The Airport at Surabaya and Details of Flights

The Surabaya Juanda International Airport (SUB) is considered to be among the top three busiest airports in Indonesia. The airport is situated at a place called Sedati which is located about 12 kilometers away from the metropolitan area of Surabaya. The airport has two terminals at present. Terminal A is meant for all international flights to Surabaya and all domestic flights operated by Indonesia’s flag carrier Garuda Indonesia Airlines. Terminal B caters to domestic flights operated by all other airlines. Direct flights to Surabaya are operated by carriers like Jetstar Asia Airways, but generally, most flights by major airline operators to Surabaya have a stop in between. Once you land at any other major airport in Indonesia like Jakarta or Bali, you can get direct short duration cheap flights to Surabaya by domestic carriers. The Surabaya Juanda International Airport (SUB) was adjudged the world’s 10th best airport in terms of Airport Service Quality by the Airport Council International in 2014. The airport improved this rank to 7th best in the year 2015.

Tip: The three-story airport terminal is relatively new and has a wide array of modern facilities to offer. You can easily spend your halt time exploring the multiple shopping and dining points that dot the terminals.

Best Ways to Travel In and Around the City

There are multiple options available to travel inside and around the city of Surabaya. In Indonesia, trains are a particularly popular means to travel around as they save time and money along with offering exotic views of the place. The city of Surabaya has two railway stations. Apart from trains, one can also choose to find city buses which constantly ply on their pre-assigned routes. The metropolis of Surabaya has an extensively vast network of bus routes that are operated by different local operators too. Multiple operators also provide cab and taxi services in Surabaya. Cabs might seem expensive as compared to public transport but they have their own perks of offering a private and personalized travel experience. The city has got metered taxis with air conditioning available. Cabs can be used to make comfortable long haul trips to nearby cities as well.

Tip: When traveling by public transport systems like buses in Indonesia, be extra cautious as pickpockets are a big problem in the country’s public spaces. Always be aware of your surroundings and be mindful of the things you are carrying on your person.

Staying and Accommodation in Surabaya

The bustling metropolis of Surabaya has a lot of places to offer when it comes to choosing a suitable stay for you as per your budget and requirements. The city area has more than 286 hotels and other forms of accommodations like guest houses to choose from. The entire metropolitan area has over 607 accommodation options to choose from. You can find high-end luxury hotel chains and cheap pocket friendly (but decent) guesthouses etc. in and around the city easily. Juanda Airport is merely 12 km away from the center of the city so it does not take much time to get from the city to the airport. Multiple world-recognized resorts are also present in Surabaya, in case you want to have a completely relaxing and luxurious experience. It is said that the visitors of Surabaya always fall in love with the vibrant culture of cafes in the city. There are multiple good cafes in and around the city with delicious decently priced food. The tourists also enjoy the golf courses which are present in Surabaya as they offer a calm and relaxing respite from city life. The city also has sights like volcano and mountain viewpoints to offer to the tourists. Other attractions to see include the Surabaya Carnival Night Market, the water park, and the city zoo among others.

Tip: In order to conveniently commute from your place of stay to explore the best of Surabaya, try finding an accommodation which is somewhat close to the heart of the city.

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